Profit from Perspective by Jef Lippiatt

Profit from Perspective

Getting Perspective Pays


Eliminate missed opportunities!

Get ready to analyze problems from multiple perspectives. Apply persona thinking to reveal new insights quickly. Resolve problems faster and more completely, leading you to bigger profits. This isn't magic, just easily repeatable processes.

After you've completed this course you will:
  • See beyond your personal bias
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Resolve issues sooner
  • Generate more potential solutions

What's included?

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Quick Overview
Leveraging Perspective Overview
2 mins
Acknowledging Your Bias
Acknowledge What Limits You
6 mins
Framing And The Cognitive Bias
Beware of Social Media Echo Chambers
Limit Your Bias
Think Like Someone Else
Who Are You?
5 mins
The Persona Perspective
13.1 KB
Leveraging Perspectives - Consider This List
46.4 KB
Perspective Pick Palette
49.1 KB
Noisli - Improve your focus and productivity
Persona Perspective - Completed Example
19.2 KB
Get Persona Pictures
Does Detail Matter?
Getting The Right Amount of Detail
5 mins
Powers of Ten™ (1977)
Even Small Details Matter - Like Carpet Fibers
Divergent Thinking
Get Divergent
4 mins
Explaining Divergent Lenses
7 mins
Divergent Lenses
Divergent Lenses - The Metaphor
34.5 KB
How Do You Apply Perception?
116 KB
Perception Animation
Capture Your Questions
Collect Your Questions
3 mins
Wrap Up
Let's Wrap Up
2 mins
Leveraging Perspectives Course Survey


How will this course benefit me?

Once you've gone through the course you'll have a variety of methods and resources that will help open your mind to more possibilities and ideas.
Using the techniques and resources will position you to see beyond your personal views and allow you to identify gaps in your current approach.

Will this course help me generate more ideas?

That is the exact intent of this course. I do my best to explain the methods and techniques that I personally use to generate ideas and develop products.

What is the required time commitment?

This course is self-paced so you can complete it on your schedule. But the time commitment needed to leverage the ideas and techniques I present can be done in short bursts (15-20 minutes at a time) or in longer focused sessions (1-2 hours).
Generating ideas is highly addictive (especially if you were previously having trouble putting ideas together). So you may start getting ideas and lose track of time completely.

Are you trying to change my personal views?

Absolutely not. We all have core beliefs and those make us who we are. The goal of this course is to get you thinking, especially outside of your comfort-zone.
I want you to counter yourself (commonly known as playing the devil's advocate). Challenge your assumptions by asking "Why" or "What if".

I don't think of myself as creative will this course help?

You may not feel creative, but trust me everyone has creative potential. This course will absolutely help you think about topics and ideas in new ways.
The only thing I ask is that you stay open-minded and will actively try the methods presented.

Product Development & Creative Strategy Expert

You'll learn to leverage timely opportunities, develop new products, and engage with your customers in ways you never thought possible before now.